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Who are we?

A bunch of researcher & engineers working on technologies to make education exciting, engaging, personalized, and affordable.

Our Research & Product

Teaching/Speaking Feedback AI

Teaching is not an easy job neither is speaking in public. One of the main reason why it becomes difficult is how you handle the people, and it very much depends on your confidence, energy, the way you speak, your gesture, etc.

Our AI analyzes the way you teach or give public speeches and give you personalized feedback and score. The report even includes the coaching advice which has been curated by top communication coaches who has a plethora of experience in giving lectures or speeches. The AI measures 7 main categories by measuring over 15 features.

You can request for your personalized report by clicking on this link.

Project EdGage

Online Education being the norm especially after COVID-19, we have observed that one of the most common problem which EdTech industry faces is measuring the performance and engagement of students.

During the offline classes, teachers look at the face of student and they know if the student is paying attention to the class or student is engaging in the class. However, these are bit difficult to understand when students are taking classes online and worst when they are taking it through pre-recorded videos.

Project EdGage is designed to understand the engagement level of students in online classes. The AI measure the engagement level of student and generates the Engagement Score.

student report

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