What if Elon Musk was a teacher?

Elon Musk, more than a billionaire, I would call him a ‘genius visionary’. He invested himself into creating online payment solution when the whole world was thinking about the future of the internet, he started building Electric Vehicles when the world was busy just making efficient use of petrol/diesel, he is planned on a commercial spaceship while we were just hoping about the successful space mission, the list goes on and this entire blog can cross over 2000 words but I can’t stop praising about him, maybe because I am his one of the biggest fan or maybe I just share the same vision as him. Anyway, whatever be the reason, we are just here to fantasize about Elon Musk being a teacher (we all know he would be a great meme teacher and give us some free Dogecoins in the class :P).

Being a teacher is not an easy job, it’s probably one of the difficult jobs that you see around. And to be the best in the job is like “super difficult”. We at AtharvaAI have devised an AI-powered personalized feedback system that will find the gaps in your teaching or public speaking and give you coaching advice on it. We ran the same algorithm on the snippet of the ted talk (more like Ted Conversation) of Elon Musk and tried to find out what happens.

Elon Musk at Ted

Our algorithm has been trained with over 25000 data sets of speakers (we are continuously improving our model), and it measures all the three parameters his visuals (facial expression, gestures, etc.), texts (what is he speaking), and audio (how is he speaking). These have been further classified into 10+ major categories, based on which a detailed report is generated. Let’s have a drum roll to look at the report card of Elon Musk.

Well seeing this report card and analyzing his video, I am pretty sure, even Elon would agree that he is probably best at being the CEO, and teaching people about hard work, dedication, being visionary, entrepreneurship than teaching in a classroom.

P.S: If you want to troll me, then here is my Twitter account and just in case you want us to measure your score, then send us a link to your video (not more than 5 minutes, otherwise I will charge you 2 DOGECOIN) at [email protected]

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